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Our Story

About True Deeply Rooted

The TRUE Deeply Rooted brand is founded upon the concept of TRUTH with African influence. As with the African Adinkra Symbol Nokore, we strive to produce natural products that offer protection based on ingredients that are truly designed by nature to help and heal us.

We Believe Health Is Wealth. TRUE began from a simple desire to do something more for myself and others to enhance well-being and happiness in their personal lives. We understand the importance of great health and the risk factors that affect us daily, hence creating TRUE.

As budding herbalists and previous brick-and-mortar cosmetic makers, we continue to grow in our knowledge and experience. Journey with us as we grow and share all that we learn in the world of herbs with you.
Let's stay h
ealthy so we can be wealthy!



Here at TRUE we have become masters of our craft, so we are one of a kind.
Our commitment is deeply rooted in bringing you quality products with no compromise. Our exceptional service and top-notch customer care will keep you coming back again and again.



It is our vision that TRUE products inspire its customers to live a happy and healthy life around the world.

Natural Soap
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